6 Long Weekends Left in 2017 For You To Travel

We are already in the second half of the year, can you believe it guys? After all that work, which in these times can be crazy, you’re still alive. Good thing we still have a lot of long weekends to book out-of-town trips! Here’s a roundup of the remaining holidays and long weekends in 2017.

  • August 19 (Saturday) – 21 (Monday) Ninoy Aquino Day
  • August 26 (Saturday) – 28 (Monday) – National Heroes Day (Regular holiday and long weekend)
  • October 28 (Saturday) – November 1 (Wednesday) – All Saints Day (Special non-working day and long weekend)
  • November 30 (Thursday) – December 3 (Sunday)– Bonifacio Day (Regular holiday and long weekend) 
  • December 23 (Saturday) – 25 (Monday) – Christmas Day (Special non-working day and long weekend)
  • December 30 (Saturday) – January 1 (Monday) – Rizal Day (Regular holiday and New Year long weekend)

Plan a trip to the North for culture and food

long weekends in 2017
Image Credit: @jxyggemacadamia via Instagram

No weekend is complete without any fun-filled and relaxing activity! On the two long weekends in 2017 of August, plan a trip to Dambana ng Kagitingan (Shrine of Valor) in Bataan to commemorate the soldiers who fought and died during World War II. The shrine is located on Mt. Samat. There’s also Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.

long weekends in 2017
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Then, you could go to Pampanga and trek up Mt. Pinatubo and food trip at all the authentic Kapampangan restaurants there! Sisig’s to die for, friends!

Spend Halloween somewhere spooky

long weekends in 2017
Image Credit: @d.i.v.s via Instagram

On your last October long weekend in 2017, scare yourself a little by visiting places rumored to be haunted like the Diplomat Hotel in Baguio. Here, you can also check out the Laperal White House and Baguio Cathedral.

Go on a historical trail out of town or in Manila

long weekends in 2017
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For your Bonifacio Day long weekend, why not go historical by checking out the Heritage Tour of Taal in Batangas? You’ll see plenty of ancestral houses and the biggest Catholic church in all of Asia! That or one your long weekends in 2017 can be spent in Manila staycation-ing or exploring Old Manila by bike. Go through Intramuros for a day and take a side trip to try all the food in Chinatown!

Spend the holidays somewhere nice and cozy

long weekends in 2017
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Probably the Filipinos’ favorite time of the year, the Yuletide holidays, gives you more time to relax and spend the season with your family and friends. But you can always plan a trip with them to some place like Tagaytay or Laguna! Reserve a unique accommodation in advance and book a hot springs date to cure the chill in Calamba!

Plan a beach trip for the New Year

long weekends in 2017
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Of coursethe final day of the year should be celebrated with a bang! Many of you might be saving up for your long weekends in 2017 specifically for New Year. There are other places besides Boracay, folks! Ride up to either Baler, La Union or Zambales and go surfing! You can camp by the beach, cove and island hop, plus of course, simply relax.R

Excited yet? You should be! No need to go on leave just to go on trips; the long weekends in 2017 have already done that for you. Get your calendars now and start planning your escapade.

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