7 Useful Things To Learn This Summer

Summer, that beautiful time where you’re so happy to be out of school and relax all day long. No papers to stress over or exams coming up; it’s just you and your T.V. Until that gets boring and you think to yourself, how can I possibly fill up my time? Summer is the perfect season to pick up a new hobby. Here are seven useful things to learn this summer!

1. Tap Into Your Artistic Side With A Painting Class

useful things to learn this summer
Image Credit: @youngartistsstudio_phils via Instagram

There’s no assurance that you’ll become the Picasso of our generation, but there’s no harm in trying! Pick up a paintbrush and get those hands moving. Craft MNL offers kids to adult classes in their many workshops, from Calligraphy to Painting to Weaving. You can test your arts and crafts skills at any one of these all throughout April and May.

The Young Artists Studio also offers summer workshops for all ages in all locations over Metro Manila. Plus, you can choose from a variety of classes: Painting, Drawing for Beginners Animation, Comics Illustration, and even Fashion Design. They’ll be accepting students starting this April till July!

2. Learn Self-Defense With Krav Maga Philippines

useful things to learn this summer
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Hebrew for Contact Combat, Krav Maga is a highly effective, battle and street tested Israeli system for self-defense. Our local edition, Krav Maga Philippines offers courses in Civilian Krav Maga, VIP Protection, and Military and Law Enforcement. We’re assuming you won’t really need the latter two, though. Their classes are all throughout the year, but if you want a quick insight, they’ll be holding a Defending Un-Armed Attacks seminar on April 29. Here, you can learn how to prevent all forms of unarmed assault attempts. For inquiries, rates, and locations, just visit their website!

Self-defense is no doubt a priority on our list of useful things to learn this summer because you honestly never know what can happen.

3. Take Up A Design Course

useful things to learn this summer
Image Credit: @sofadesigninstitute via Instagram

Want to finally live your dreams of being a fashion or beauty savant? School of Fashion and the Arts offers a long list of summer short courses that are not only useful things to learn this summer but super fun! From basic makeup to fashion styling to even leather crafting, SoFA provides classes for kids, teens, and adults. Enroll as early as now because most workshops will be starting soon and will last till mid-June. And also, they feature guest teachers that are either celebrities or well-known artists in their field for capsule courses.

Soul Flower Co. hosts other accessory-making and craft workshops such as silversmithing. And if you want to turn your creations into an online business, such as fashion accessories, Manila Workshops will be holding a seminar! Creating an Online Fashion Accessory Business For Beginners is on July 1 at PenBrothers, Makati for just PHP 1,500!

4. Create Tunes With A Musical Instrument

useful things to learn this summer
Image Credit: @bounceph via Instagram

They say one of the best things you can do for yourself, is to learn an instrument. Not only do you make pretty music, you look cool, and it teaches a whole lot of discipline. If you want a crash course in voice, guitar, violin, or maybe piano, Yupangco Music Academy provides individual and group practice slots. Even more convenient, their studios are in actual mall music stores, like Yamaha Megamall and Robinsons Galleria.

If your trip is more of putting music together, check out Bounce DJ & Electronic Music & DJ School in BGC. They offer courses in DJ-ing and beginner’s music production. You might even spot a famous DJ walking about!

5. Earn Bragging Rights For Speaking A New Language

useful things to learn this summer
Image Credit: @kate.bossss via Instagram

This one should be easy enough. There are plenty of books and audio guides on the market that will help you master French or German. In your spare time, pick up a book or CD and put your skills to the test in a new language.

This has to be one of the most useful things to learn this summer, seeing as it’s also a possibility you’d travel to a foreign country or meet someone you’d like to impress. Berlitz Philippines offers many courses in different languages, such as Spanish and Japanese, both of which would come in handy.

6. MasterChef Your Way Into The Kitchen

useful things to learn this summer
Image Credit: @sun042789 via Instagram

At one point or another, we ask ourselves, why can’t I cook? And usually, the answer to that is, you don’t have enough time! But this summer, learn the skill that is highly useful. Something as simple as making your own meal!

The Maya Kitchen offers classes for Basic Culinary from April 18-21 and Basic Baking from May 2-5 at the Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center. These courses will set you back PHP 8,000-9,000 but are worth the whole four-day experience! Tie your aprons on and get your spatulas ready!

7. Try Latte Art For The Coffee Lovers

useful things to learn this summer
Image Credit: @yardstickcoffee via Instagram

This could be one of those trends that are interesting enough to spend a whole summer learning the how-to of. If you’ve ever been to an artisanal cafe, chances are you had to take a photo of your lovely cappuccino. But if you’ve ever wanted to imitate that art, Yardstick has branched out into offering workshops for the latte art lovers! Learn the drawing techniques such as the heart, and floral designs so that the next time you brew your coffee, you enjoy mesmerizing it first before taking a sip!

Make your summer a productive one by picking one (or two) of these useful things to learn this summer and be proud of your progress! At Philihappy, we know you should never stop learning, so if you have any other suggestions, please let us know!

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