Rainy Day Mixtape: 10 Songs To Officially Bid Summer A Goodbye

As we wave farewell to summer, we also wave farewell to memories made. We may even be waving farewell to summer flings formed. But summer love never really ends in your heart. And that’s why, thanks to our writers here in the Philippines and the likes of Ed Sheeran, we have a song to sing. Let’s listen to a rainy day mixtape of songs to officially bid summer a goodbye.

1. 241 – Rivermaya

Almost ten years ago, this song came out and broke our hearts. It didn’t help that the music video to 241 portrayed a beautiful Tracy Abad moving on from Rico Blanco with another. We see flashbacks of what seemed to be a summer romance between the two of them. And we all put this song on repeat imagining maybe running into a former love, with just a bit of that spark left in our eyes for him.

2. It Will Rain – Bruno Mars

It couldn’t be a rainy day mixtape without a song…about rain. Whenever those drops of water start falling, it’s almost like we relate it to the pain of losing someone. We will be losing summer for awhile, but the rainy season is the perfect excuse to cuddle up in bed and let Bruno Mars soothe that pain of loss.

3. Photograph – Ed Sheeran

Everyone calm down, yes Ed Sheeran is coming to town this November. For one night, we all get to wear our hearts on our sleeves. “But you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans”. Ugh. Admit it, you still have someone you care about and her photo somewhere. It means so much more than the photo on your phone. Because just like what a photograph represents, a memory is something you experienced, cherished, and kept. We hope you got some great shots this summer with family and friends or your SO!

4. Sila – Sud

OPM darlings, Sud, came out with a banger and it’s now one of the most covered songs of our generation. With just the right amount of hugot, Sila is an all-out profession of undying love. With a line like “Ikaw ang araw sa tag-ulan”, this might just be the anthem to our rainy day mixtape. Good job, boys!

5. Leaving On A Jetplane – Chantal Kreviazuk

Remember that cute scene from Armageddon? With Ben Affleck horribly singing this tune before leaving to Liv Tyler? You’re welcome. A lot of us had our fair share of fun out of town. Or some of us actually went home for the summer. Either way, you can relate to this song about traveling back to where you belong and leaving what happened behind for awhile.

6. This Town – Niall Horan

Our rainy day mixtape couldn’t be complete without a former One Directioner. Niall Horan proves he’s got vocal chops on this stripped down version of This Town. One of the hardest things any of us will ever go through is seeing the person you love with someone new. As the chorus goes, “Everything comes back to you.” But rest assured, that even when the rain pours, it eventually stops. And when everything clears, you’ll see that there’s always a new beginning for you too (lalim, tsong.)

7. Luna – Up Dharma Down

Armi Millare simply looks regal in this music video. Up Dharma Down just can’t go wrong with any of their songs, and we know it’s because of Armi’s amazing writing skills. Just take a look at the deep lyrics of Luna (which when rearranged spell ulan!). Rainy days are really the best spent alone, contemplating life. Let her voice take you to another place while you do.

8. Dreaming With A Broken Heart – John Mayer

Promise, this is the last one on the list that might hurt a little. Dreaming With A Broken Heart tugs at all our heartstrings in the best of ways. I mean, come on, waking up really is the hardest part when you’re drifting away to the sound of the rain on your window. John Mayer deserves his own rainy day mixtape anyway, seeing as his album just dropped recently. We’re expecting more of the same sentimental hits from our favorite crooner.

9. Alapaap – Eraserheads

Summer wasn’t all about romance! And even if it may have been for some of us, for the majority of us, it was spent with friends. All of those spontaneous road trips, movie night outs, and sleepovers will get us through the rest of the year and this rainy season. That’s why it was a hard toss-up between Alapaap and Overdrive which perfectly describe those barkada moments you’ll never forget! Reminisce away folks, and let the E-heads help you out.

10. Nothing Left To Lose – Mat Kearney

We’ve come to a close. And surely, we can’t wait till next year. This may not be a familiar one, but Nothing Left To Lose is exactly the song you need to hear while you plan your next vacation. We’re blessed to be in a tropical country where even if it rains, we still get the sun from time to time. And soon enough, we’ll have lots of it! Get ready to pack your bags and go off on your next adventure (or find the one from last summer), but for now, we say goodbye to summer and hello to the rainy season with our rainy day mixtape.

11. Bonus: Thunder – Boys Like Girls

‘Nuff said.

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