how to find the perfect bikini

Finding the Perfect Bikini Is Like Finding The One 

Finding the perfect bikini can be an adventure in itself. When you’re prepping for your much-anticipated vacation, a weekend beach trip with the S.O., or traveling to an international summer destination, swimwear is not only a necessity, it’s an absolute priority. You’ve already planned your Instagram feed to revolve around your strapless bikini or hey, string bikini for the bold, right? So here’s how to find the perfect bikini…which is pretty much like finding the one


With a plethora of options for bikinis in Australia alone, it’s crucial to zone in to what’s going to cover all the bases. Think three words and stick to them. 

Functional. Classic. Quality-made.

It’s easy to go for the low-price, trendy, swimwear sale finds but remember you want your bikini to be your best mate. It has to be reliable and it has to stand the test of time, in quality and style. Choosing your swimsuit right can make or break a beach trip so don’t compromise on this, girls! 

Checking the fabric, cut, and design is essential in your quest to finding the perfect bikini.

Luxury brands like Australian-based Bondi Born offer swimwear to the girl who values quality for her buck and is searching for that perfect bikini to not only look good in, but feel great in. She’s investing in a timeless piece that in turn makes her relationship with it, priceless


Once you’ve found that perfect bikini, you are all set and then some. Ultimately, your perfect bikini should be the one that keeps you on trend, but makes you stand out. It should be the one so well-fit, it allows you to let loose! The perfect bikini should be your partner-in-crime for all things fun in the sand, sea, and sun

Now you can tick that off your beach trip checklist!